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ADSL2+ Broadband


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Total Minimum cost over 24 months is $1,275

Wi-Fi Modem


Prices Effective from: 01/11/2018

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FAQ's ( Frequently Asked Questions )

How fast will my Inspired ADSL2+ be?

We push the envelope when it comes to broadband speeds – Inspired ADS2+ is designed to give you speeds as fast as your line can handle. ADSL2+ has a theoretical maximum download speed of 24Mbps, however actual speeds are lower and will vary based on factors such as the distance between your home and the exchange, the quality of your telephone line, weather conditions and demand on the network.

How long will it take to get connected?

We are committed to getting you online as fast as possible. The normal timeframe for connection is 5-7 working days as long as there is existing phone infrastructure available to use. Non-standard or more complex installations may take a little longer.

Do I need an active home phone line?

Inspired ADSL2+ requires an active phone line in your house, and this is included in your monthly fee. If you don't currently have an active line, we can organise for one to be connected for you as part of the onboarding process.

Can I use my existing modem with Inspired?

Inspired Broadband will work with most makes and models of ADSL2+ modem. If you are comfortable configuring your existing ADSL2+ modem then you can absolutely use it!

What happens when the nbn network rolls out in my area?

Inspired ADSL2+ customers are eligible to transfer to the nbn network as soon as it's available. Simply give our team a call and we will get you connected. In most circumstances there is no installation cost for the transfer unless there is a non-standard connection.

What makes Inspired ADSL2+ different?

Being an Inspired Broadband customer means that you are supporting a business dedicated to giving back to those who really need it. Inspired Broadband is committed to improving education and access to information to children through significant direct contributions to schools and learning facilities in neighbouring countries. Learn about our current project here.

Why Inspired Broadband?

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Great Value plans with unlimited usage with NO shaping of speeds perfect for streaming!!

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We offer simple and clear home phone plans’ that include line Rental and GST for increased savings and reduced costs.

Australia Wide Coverage

Live in a remote area..? We cover over 90% of Australian population with the backing of one of Australia's largest networks

No Hidden Fees

Simple price with no excess or hidden costs and no surprises.

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Our team of nbn™ experts will tailor a solution to suit your needs and we will be here to help you when you need us.

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